20 [3/10]
he/it mlm

digital artist
video editor
novice musician

HEYA! imma stupid gay fella whos emo phase never ended.
my favorite things are horror, noisey grunge music, machine girl, splatoon, hospitals, nuclear power and radioactivity, and emocore

>interests here<


splatoon, your turn to die, sally face, pokemon, fnaf, petscop, cookie run, kirby, roblox, stardew valley, nuclear throne, gun godz, deltarune, minecraft, the binding of isaac, anything nintendo


machine girl, lemon demon, blacksquares, death grips, uncle outrage, rabbit junk, angelspit, linkin park, jack conte, msi, mcr, nightcore, 2000s pop, industrial and noise music


character design, nuclear power and chernobyl, sewers and ugly spaces, malware, the occult, ps1 graphics, clowns n silly stuff, cartoon horror, medical horror, graphic gore, oldstyle sparkle furrycore

this is only for fun n for personal reasonz,
if yu share these yu have a big brain

moar here

⚠ truscum, anti-sheMLM/heWLW, nomap, babyfur, terf are not welcome ⚠